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A tool that allows you to design the future of Alberta!

Alberta has seen unprecedented growth in recent years.   While this growth has created a vibrant and prosperous economy, it has also placed tremendous strain on the forest, grassland and rivers which help to sustain our economy and population. Oil and Gas development, agriculture, forestry, settlements, recreation and conservation all compete for limited space and resources.

Alberta Tomorrow is an educational tool that helps you to understand the process of sustainable planning, to balance land-uses such as agriculture, oil and gas and forestry with ecological integrity.

By looking at past and present landscape imagery, you will be able to see changes that have taken place in the past.  You will be able to collect, geotag and save water sampling data, images, video and other observations.  Most importantly, you will  set goals and design a future for Alberta that you want to see!


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State of the Landscape

What does Alberta look like in your community?

Click on the map to take a look at State of the Landscape videos submitted by people from across Alberta.